Posted by Kelly Lumbard on Nov 03 2016 at 12:21PM PDT

Hello everyone.

Time keeps moving faster and faster it seems. I just wanted to send a reminder that if you have not sent or dropped off your rsvp and payment that it is needed as soon as possible. I have given a count to our caterer and I have a very short window to change that count. If I do not receive your rsvp and payment we do not reach that count I will have to request an adjustment to everyone’s payment that has paid so far to cover the shortage. There is not a pay at the door option.

Each team parent should have sent the attachment but, you can find it attached in case you do not have it.
I have also asked each team parent to request “server” volunteers. This job is usually done by the freshman parents so that the upper classmen and their parents are able to sit with there families. I did this job last year and it really is fun to get to chat with everyone as they go through the line.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

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